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Maglus Moonlight Blue
September 18, 2014 by

Introducing… the new Maglus Moonlight Blue!

The Maglus Moonlight Blue Edition stylus is the latest addition to the Maglus family. Made with the same high-quality materials as the original Maglus, and designed to the same high standard, the luxurious blue finish is achieved with a process called anodizing. It has an interchangeable tip and is compatible with all past and future Maglus products.

Fra Moonlight Blue

Fra Moonlight Blue

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New Maglus arrival coming soon!
September 11, 2014 by

Maglus stylus: announcing a new arrival…

We may not be as big as Apple, but we’ve got a product launch of our own coming: there’s a new addition to the Maglus family, and it’ll be available in just one week!

We’ve got 3 up for grabs – just retweet this tweet OR post a comment below to be in with a chance to win one!
We’ll pick 3 winners randomly and let you know before the product launch.

Good luck and keep and eye out for the new Maglus…

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September 9, 2014 by

Keep calm and use your Maglus!

So here I am: magnets again! I know we’ve talked about those little magic items before, how they are everywhere around us, but today we’re going to focus on one main aspect: That these 2 tiny magnets inside your Maglus are not dangerous for your iPad and phone and, most importantly, for your health.

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September 1, 2014 by

Cook Popcorn with your Maglus Stylus!

It is possible to cook Popcorn with your Maglus Stylus Mini? Try telling my son he wasn’t cooking popcorn on his tablet!

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