"I dare say the Maglus is among
the best purchases you can make"
The review we fully liked
"Not only do the Irish know how to drink
they also know how to make a hell of a good stylus"
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"It could have come from Jony Ives workshop in Cupertino"
Our favourite review
"One piece of solid awesome"
We think so too!
"One piece of solid awesome"
Camís Top 7: Stylusses for iPad
Over the past twelve months or so weíve reviewed quite a few accessories for iDevices. And, while the largest majority of those are cases, weíve been graced with a handful of really interesting styluses for people who really canít get used to drawing and scribbling with their fingers. Each of the following six is unique in one way or another, and deserves a place on the list of top styluses.

4. Maglus Stylus
The main compromise of the new trend of using softer, smaller silicone tips on styluses is that they tend to be too easy to break, or they get so soft after a lot of use that they no longer provide adequate resistance. Maglusí stylus is fantastic in that the tip is easily removable and can be replaced with the spare tip that comes with the pen in a neat little keychain-hung capsule. Itís very nifty. You can buy spare tips and the body of the Maglus features some magnets to attach it to your iPad. All in all, it offers a lot, and is carved out of one piece of solid aluminum. Itís one of the heftier styluses on this list, but it makes up for it by being one piece of solid awesome.
"The one I find myself using almost every day"
"It's nice that you can actually find it when you want it"
"Very friendly and quick to reply to emails"
What you've said
"This stylus looks lovely, works great,
and just does what I want it to"
Just how we designed it!
"Wow, I have to say that this stylus is a real pleasure to use,
the ergonomic design and material finish is truly first class."
What you've said
"It's solid, responsive, nicely-styled,
and you can change the tips if you need to"
Just how we designed it!
"A great product and excellent service,
I'm a happy bunny!"
What you've said
"The tip is as smooth as they come, I bought a couple of
spare tips & expect some years of trouble free scribing"
Just how we designed it!