"I dare say the Maglus is among
the best purchases you can make"
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"Not only do the Irish know how to drink
they also know how to make a hell of a good stylus"
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"It could have come from Jony Ives workshop in Cupertino"
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"The one I find myself using almost every day"
"It's nice that you can actually find it when you want it"
"It's nice that you can actually find it when you want it"
Magnetic Stylus Sticks to Your iPad
Got an iPad 2? Got a cool stylus? It sucks that you keep losing it, right? That you can never find the chunky little pen when you want to write or draw something on the screen? If only there was a stylus with a magnet that could stick to the iPad or the iPadís Smart Cover. If onlyÖ

It turns out that there is. Or, hopefully, will be. The Maglus (Magentic Stylus ó get it?) comes from Applydea (Apply the Idea) and looks a lot like a rectangular version of the hexagonal AluPen. The Maglus has the usual conductive tip, a pen-like clip on the side and a magnet buried under its skin. This magnet is protected by a plastic cover, so you can stick it direct to the iPad without scratching, as well as to pretty much any part of the massively magnetic Smart Cover.

The Maglus will be made by industrial designers Andy Shaw and Noel Joyce, who are currently seeking funding on Fundit, which could be described as the Irish Kickstarter. They need €15,000 to get started, and if you pledge €15 (€22) then youíll get one of the first units off the line. If you choose to wait and see, youíre looking at €25 ($36) when the pen actually ships.

Sure, you donít need a stylus to use the iPad, but if you choose to use one, its nice that you can actually find it when you want it.
"Very friendly and quick to reply to emails"
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"This stylus looks lovely, works great,
and just does what I want it to"
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"Wow, I have to say that this stylus is a real pleasure to use,
the ergonomic design and material finish is truly first class."
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"It's solid, responsive, nicely-styled,
and you can change the tips if you need to"
Just how we designed it!
"A great product and excellent service,
I'm a happy bunny!"
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"The tip is as smooth as they come, I bought a couple of
spare tips & expect some years of trouble free scribing"
Just how we designed it!