Why and how the Art Director uses Maglus
Art Director at Paws, Inc. - Home of Garfield the Cat
Muncie, IN, USA
"I really enjoy using it - I like the feel and the weight"
"Wonderful product"
Tom's Story
Tom is Art Director at Paws, Inc - home of Garfield the Cat. He oversees the Garfield Comic Strip and associated creative ideas and layouts, along with illustrations for licensees.
When Tom starts work on a concept or strip, he reaches for his Maglus and iPad 4 instead of pen and paper. He uses these tools to work out ideas both for his professional work at Paws and also his personal creative projects at home.
He loves the shape and weight of the Maglus stylus, and how it feels in his hand as he draws.
How does Tom use Maglus?
Tom favours Sketchbook Pro app for working out concepts and designs for characters and strips - everything from strip logo box ideas to cards.
He also uses it for sketching up ideas in meetings with licensees, along with Procreate app.
If a drawing needs more work he'll upload the file from his iPad to Dropbox app to work on it elsewhere.
Tom loves the harder nib of the original silicone tip - it works beautifully, even when his iPad's screen protector is in place.
While Tom uses his Maglus every day for his Garfield work, and also uses it to create strips for his own website, about what *really* happens on the golf course!
"I like the Maglus specifically because of its shape"
Why does the Maglus work for The Art Director?
We asked "Why Maglus?" and here's what Tom said…
"It feels really nice in your hand and has a little weight to it which is important to me"
"We appreciate the product, and the support"
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