Why and how the Cartoonist uses Maglus
Cartoonist, Graphic Designer and Animator
San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA
"I needed a well-designed stylus - ergonomic, precise and durable - to properly draw on my iPad: I found all that in my Maglus Stylus"
"Applydea's friendliness and attention is an extra asset that just adds up to ensuring that you can go the distance with your stylus"
José's Story
José is a cartoonist and graphic designer, with a Masters of Fine Arts in Animation, and a passion for drawing.
For him any time is drawing time - in a restaurant, waiting for his food, or even waiting in a line! When he got his first iPhone, then iPad, he made it his mission to find the perfect stylus that allowed him to utilize a touch screen to its full creative potential and let him draw, publish, and share his artwork immediately. Other stylii he tried had promising starts, but all developed problems with heavy use. When looking for another, more robust, option, he found The Verge's review of Maglus Stylus, and, impressed with the score awarded of 9/10, pre-ordered one.
On unboxing, José found the Maglus sturdy, and of perfect weight, with gravity doing the work; no need to apply extra pressure to make the tip register on the screen. He loved that the magnet kept it attached to his screen, keeping it close at all times and incentivizing him to draw more and more!
How does José use Maglus?
José finds his Maglus indispensable when freelancing, to sketch ideas and brainstorm logos. He finds the infinite array of colors and textures accessible just by carrying a trustworthy stylus and a tablet is a great for getting ideas across to his clients.
José tried several stylii before the Maglus, but found durability problems with all: one with a plastic ring around the tip that broke and scratched his screen; one with a rubber nib that wore out too quickly; one with a brush tip where the bristles widened over time. He finds the Maglus solid and durable, and appreciates that spares are available when needed.
As José resides in Puerto Rico, outside mainland US, he found customer support lacking with the bigger stylus manufacturers. One big company refused to ship spares to him, so had to resort to getting friends in NY to ship him replacement parts! An early adopter of the Maglus, he's been delighted by the helpfulness of Applydea customer support, and loved that they appreciate their customers, no matter where they live - staying in touch and sending him a free microfiber tip, more than two years after his initial purchase.
José uses the Maglus for his creative hobbies: to create cartoons, illustrations, comic strips, sketching plans and storyboards for animated shorts, and character design. He loves Paper app and Sketches app for their simplicity, and Procreate app for its multilayering capabilities. He also enjoys using Inspire Pro app for its ability to blend colours, and occasionally uses Art Set app for painting.
"When I received my Maglus, I was impressed since the unboxing"
Why does the Maglus work for José?
We asked "Why Maglus?" and here's what he said…
"When I needed to create an illustration for an article or some art for the social media accounts, my iPad and Maglus were my go-to guys"
"The magnet is a nice extra - a nice reminder to make me draw more"
"I am one of the early customers, and glad to be, because your customer service is outstanding"
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