Why and how the Designer uses Maglus
Designer and Artist
Venice, CA, USA
"The Maglus is a great investment and has proven itself to be powerful and very adaptive to my illustrations"
"I researched several stylii and each site I went to led me to the Maglus"
Alex's Story
Alex is a multidisciplined artist and designer living and working in California. He expresses himself in many ways - through graphic design, motion graphics, illustration, photography and painting.
He previously did his digital drawing on a 13-inch graphic tablet tethered to a desktop computer - a good solution, but a fixed one. When he got an iPad, and saw how versatile and powerful the mobile device could be, he went looking for a stylus to give him the precision a finger on the screen couldn't.
He found the Maglus came highly recommended by friends and other artists as well as review websites, so he decided to try it - and hasn't looked back since!
How does the Designer use Maglus?
Alex uses his iPad daily, and finds the Maglus a precise tool for his many creative tasks. He loves both the original and microfiber tips, and likes that he can swap between the two. He's really looking forward to the new tips Applydea has in the works, especially the brush tip for painting.
For vector-based drawing with layers, he favours Adobe Ideas app; he can open and edit the files later in Adobe Illustrator.
Alex finds Autodesk Sketch-up Pro app invaluable as he can save his work as an Adobe Photoshop PSD file with layers intact.
He also loves Animation HD - a stop-frame animation app that has an immense library of brushes, plus comprehensive help files that make it very user-friendly.
"Thanks for making a quality product"
Why does the Maglus work for The Designer?
We asked "Why Maglus?" and here's what Alex said…
"I enjoy the rigid quality the microfiber tip holds while I draw"
"I use my iPad almost every day and being able to draw my ideas with such a precise device has helped me greatly"
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