Why and how the Educator uses Maglus
Math teacher and blogger,
San Jose, CA
"My hand is super happy after a full day of drawing math diagrams and symbols."
"The Maglus Stylus is it. It writes so smoothly that I can't imagine that there's anything better."
Nicole's story
Nicole is a busy math teacher who is passionate about bringing technology to the classroom. She isn't afraid to try new apps, software and hardware to make her many tasks as an educator easier, more interactive and (very importantly) more fun!
She wanted to use her iPad as a whiteboard, a notepad for taking lecture notes and a doodle pad - but found a finger too imprecise for handwriting.
How does Nicole use Maglus?
Then she discovered the Maglus Stylus and, using it with GoodNotes and Penultimate, it gave her the precision she was searching for.
"Writing on the iPad with a good stylus is like writing on a whiteboard with every size and color of Expo marker at your disposal. It makes the office supply curator in me jump for joy!"
Why does the Maglus work for Nicole?
We asked "Why Maglus?" and here's what she said…
"The rubber doesn't stick to the screen at all, so you don't get any drag marks at the end of your stroke."
"It's astonishingly precise. You have the ability to make incredibly detailed marks and flourishes with it."
"It's got some weight to it, which I find makes it easier to write with."
"It's also shaped like a carpenter's pencil, and I thought that would be awkward, but it fits in my hand perfectly."
"Oddly enough, I actually use less pressure when writing now because of its weight and screen conductivity."
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