Why and how the Illustrator uses Maglus
Illustrator and Graphic Designer
Johannesburg, South Africa
"I love the way the Maglus interacts with my iPad, I am able to accurately control my illustrations with it"
"The combination of Maglus + iPad nicely compensates for the the feel of a real pen in hand when illustrating"
Brendan's Story
Brendan is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for logo design. He has his own below-the-line advertising agency in Johannesburg.
He'd used other styli before but found them imprecise and unresponsive - in his own words, "as if you were dragging a booger around the screen"!
He was an early adopter of the Maglus, and immediately fell in love with it. He finds it mimics the feeling of drawing with a pen, but he can control his illustrations with it.
It also means he can be mobile, and enjoy the freedom of doing his digital drawing anywhere he brings his iPad 2.
How does Brendan use Maglus?
Brendan says the main issue he had when drawing using a desktop computer and mouse was that he could never draw as well as he could when drawing by hand - it just didn't have the same feeling. When he started using the Maglus on the iPad 2, he found it has a similar feeling to drawing by hand, but with the benefits of digital control and manipulation.
Brendan does illustration work in vector format using the app Adobe Ideas. It syncs directly with Adobe Illustrator and he can enhance his illustrations with Text or any other Adobe Illustrator features. See his "Combi Camper" newspaper illustration below!
In his spare time, he also loves to doodle in Adobe Ideas with the Maglus which helps him to relax!
Brendan also likes the app Sketchbook Pro for making pencil drawings.
"I love to doodle in Adobe Ideas with my Maglus - I find it very relaxing and a great use of off-time"
Why does the Maglus work for Brendan?
We asked "Why Maglus?" and here's what he said…
"I fell in love with it immediately and have used no other since"
"The hand-drawn feel that is missing in Adobe Illustrator on a Desktop is nicely compensated for with my Maglus on my iPad"
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