Why and how the Sales Director uses Maglus
Sales Director
Ewelme, United Kingdom
"Maglus + iPad: just as easy as writing on paper"
"The feel and the glide across the screen is exceptionally smooth and accurate"
Damian's Story
Damian is a sales director in the automotive industry. He takes many meetings and phone calls with both customers and suppliers, so he needs to be able to take quick and meticulous notes and keep records for future reference.
He has always used paper and pen - fast and easy, but resulted in 6 full notebooks a year, not to mention the difficulty retrieving the information he needed later, hunting through old notebooks. To put the notes in the internal system or share with colleagues he'd need to transcribe the notes, which was time-consuming.
Damian decided to go paperless and try digital note taking so he bought an iPad - but he still needed the best stylus and note taking app to complete the solution. He researched and tried 4 different apps and 4 stylii. In the end he found a clear winner - the Maglus stylus plus 7notes app.
How does Damian use Maglus?
Damian's main problem with pen and paper was the waste of time - if he needed to use or share the information he had to type up the notes.
He found the perfect solution with the Maglus, iPad and 7notes app. The Maglus allows him to take notes on his iPad smoothly and precisely, just as if he were writing on paper, and the app simply converts those handwritten notes into text. This way his meeting notes can be shared immediately, and are indexable and searchable - just like any other document.
He can also categorize and organize the information any way he wants - by subject, person, customer, and supplier, and even a chronological summary of every meeting and phone call.
Damian finds this system more convenient and efficient and he's also happy to do a little bit towards helping the environment!
He's an early adopter of the Maglus - switching 2 years ago, and he'd never go back to traditional pen and paper for his meetings.
"I chose Maglus and 7notes because we all spend a lot of time at work and you need to be efficient and enjoy using the products."
Why does the Maglus work for Damian?
We asked "Why Maglus?" and here's what he said…
"During my personal trials, I found the Maglus to be the clear winner"
"I love the Maglus and use it daily"
"Maglus Stylus is fantastic with 7notes app"
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