Why and how the Student uses Maglus
Bachelor of Science in Biology , University of Massachusetts,
Boston, MA
"Having a Maglus stylus makes note-taking a breeze"
"A Maglus stylus and an iPad is a huge advantage when it comes to paperwork that can be done electronically or requires a signature - it saves me time and money."
Anna's Story
Anna graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Massachusetts in Boston - a city known for its world-class hospitals and its state-of-the-art research institutions.
In addition to her studies, she was also employed for a semester as an upper-level biology course teaching assistant in the learning laboratories, so she was always on her feet!
Before she discovered the combination of iPad + Maglus, she used to carry textbooks and hand-written notes into class. She soon found that the weight of her bag was becoming unbearable, so she had a look at other options - and as she loves new technology, electronic note-taking seemed like the right fit.
After some in-depth research, she decided to opt for the iPad - now all she needed was a stylus to be able to continue to make hand-written notes. After yet more research (she's very thorough in her research, she says so herself), and seeing all the positive feedback on the web, she opted for the Maglus Stylus!
How does Anna use Maglus?
Switching to electronic note-taking helped Anna not only become more organised, but also lifted a huge weight off her back, literally!
She likes that the Maglus works on any number of apps, doesn't need to be held perpendicular to the screen and has a durable yet precise tip.
For writing, and performing complicated diagramming with speed and precision, in courses like immunology, neurology and endocrinology, Anna favours Notability and Sketch Club.
For general web use, she likes to browse with Safari since you can write the search term instead of typing!
Anna also likes that any paperwork that can be done electronically or requires a signature is easily done with the Maglus, instead of the old way: printing out the document, filling it out and signing it before scanning it back into an e-document to be emailed or even faxed. She saves time, paper, toner and - most importantly for a student - money.
"It allowed me the freedom to write notes on complicated diagrams with precision so that I could just zoom right in and read my notes."
Why does the Maglus work for Anna?
We asked "Why Maglus?" and here's what she said…
"I personally chose Maglus over all the other styluses mainly due to its craftsmanship and the fact I had the magnetic iPad cover only convinced me more"
"The weight, the rubber grips, the shape it was all perfect with my hand and the tip slid nicely across my iPad screen."
"Also never lost it thanks to those magnets, I've lost many pens and pencils but I still have my original Maglus."
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