Why and how the Web Designer uses Maglus
Web designer and front-end developer
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, United Kingdom
"The Maglus stylus has enabled me to go fully paperless. No clutter at all! Every note and sketch is filed neatly and is easy to move around between devices if it needs more work."
"The Maglus has a great weight and works just as a pen. It's simple, digital and portable: three of my favourite things!"
Martin's Story
Martin is a web designer and front-end developer with his own web design company. He's also a minimalist who wanted to liberate himself from paper, filing cabinets and desk clutter, and enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere, anytime.
Using the Maglus, along with the right apps and good organization of files, he now has the perfect digital working environment, allowing him to work anywhere he wants, with everything he needs.
How does Martin use Maglus?
When Martin decided to make his workflow paper-free, most problems had obvious solutions. The one task he struggled to keep paperless was, however, a vital one: the client meetings at the initial stage of a project, where quick note-taking and swift sketching out of ideas is key.
He considered using a graphic tablet, but felt it wasn't portable or responsive enough. So he did the research, and found a stylus for his iPad would suit his needs better and, after reading the stylus lowdown article in The Verge where it came out on top with 9/10, he decided on the Maglus. He was very pleased when he received it - finding it comfortable to hold, with a good heft, as well as responsive and accurate on the screen.
For Martin, the perfect digital note-taking solution is the Maglus plus Penultimate app. It saves his notes to Evernote, and syncs across his devices - his iMac, laptop and even his iPhone. His up-to-date notes stay with him, no matter where he is.
For hand drawn vector graphics, he favours iDraw app, but for sketching out quick ideas, he finds the Paper app works best. Anything Martin draws in either app can be exported as a PDF and saved to Dropbox, so he can work on them later with any software he wants to, like Adobe Illustrator.
Occasionally, Martin needs to sign a document digitally, and the Maglus is perfect for this too.
"The freedom of working from anywhere I like is an aspect of my job that I love, and the Maglus is now an important part of my compact mobile office."
Why does the Maglus work for Martin?
We asked "Why Maglus?" and here's what he said…
"When it arrived it certainly didn't disappoint! Its flattened shape feels really comfortable and it has a good heft. The tip glides effortlessly and cleanly across my iPad's screen"
"The final steps of going completely digital were made possible thanks to my Maglus - it's extremely versatile and always to hand"
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