March 28, 2018 by

Happy easter

Today’s tutorial is on how to make a gif of a character in motion. As its easter I thought it fitting to make a hopping bunny gif.

Open the autodesk sketchbook app.

Create a new sketch. For this one i used a 3000×3000 pixel grid.

Start by drawing a skeleton of the bunny and make a new layer and make a rough skeleton of all the movement the bunny is going to have. For this example I used a different colour for each skeleton.To add a new layer to your sketch click the plus icon on the right hand side. This layers are really helpful in making sure the bunny stays a similar size and has a consistant motion. For this example I broke the movement up in 6 individual layers. 

Create a new layer and hide everything but the first skeleton of the bunny. On the new layer draw the bunny. I then made a layer below the initial bunny drawing and added some shading then changed the opacity of the layer. I then merged the bunny and the shading layer.

Repeat this process for each motion of the bunny. Don’t forget to draw each motion of the bunny on a seperate layer. I then added some background details on a new layer.

Now it’s time to turn the drawings into a gif.

You can do this by using th giphy. Just click the create button and then add your images into the gif. Then reduce the second (duration of each frame) to .2 seconds. Then click continue to upload. Then Download and share your files.

You can then post this directly on social media or you can download your gif.

Have fun making gifs and have a happy easter!