February 28, 2018 by

An illustrated guide on how to spend your snowday

In the wake of storm Emma, with flights cancelled, treacherous roads, workplaces, school and colleges Closed It’s a good time to take a breather. Here’s an illustrated guide on how to keep yourself busy and sane during the snow storm. 

1. Get your priorities straight make some hot chocolate and cookies. If you don’t have drinking chocolate powder just melt dome dark or milk chocolate into milk. For the cookies there are some great recipes online here’s one of my favourites.

2. Cuddle your pet. Use your free day to appreciate your animal friend, be that a snake, a rat, a dog or a cat. 

3. Make a snow angel. Wrap up warm and run out into the blanket of white. The snow is your canvas make your mark.

4. Use the valuable space in your flatmates freezer shelf to freeze a snowball. When they ask you about it deny everything. It’s a subtle reminder you are still young and spontaneous.

5. Organize your desktop! Let’s face it a cluttered desktop is a cluttered mind. You know that file unintitled1_copy thats been staring at you every morning. Delete it !

6. Stock up while you still can. Things like milk bread and eggs are invaluable when you can’t drive anywhere. Stock up on that sweet wholemeal pan and builders tea while there still on the shelves. You’ll need sustenance to make it through the storm, and there’s nothing better than a slice of buttery toast and a mug of tea.

 7. Write a poem or a letter to someone you care about. Its so fun to receive a handwritten letter or a doodle in the post. Maybe there’s something you want to tell someone use this time to find the right words.

All the drawings below are made with an ipad and a maglus stylus.