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July 31, 2014 by

Using our creation to create stuff!

One of the reasons we developed Maglus was because of our own personal bugbears when it came to using stylii. As a product designer I use a range of different tools to create new experiences through products but often times that is not enough as those ideas need to be explained. this can be done through different types of media.

I love creating concept boards and story boards for products because a single image can have a huge impact. It can really get across the experience I am trying to deliver. Recently though I have begun to get more involved in using movies to do this. This I suppose is a natural progression but it did not come without a pretty steep learning curve.

Mini Maglus
July 28, 2014 by

Official launch of the new Maglus Mini stylus!

You talked, and we listened!

We’ve had lots of conversations with you, our valued user community, over the past 18 months. You guys sure like to talk, and we love to listen! We take every comment on board, and when thinking about what addition to make next to the Maglus family, it became very clear that high on the list of what you guys wanted was a smaller version of the Maglus stylus.

So we’re proud to announce we’ve official launched the Maglus Mini! It’s 15% smaller than the original Maglus, to match in with smaller tablets like the iPad Mini, and Kindle Fire. It has slightly less heft than the original, and it’s the perfect size for kids too.
And right now there’s 40% off the RRP, if you buy through – but hurry, this is the special launch price and won’t be around for long!

July 11, 2014 by

GER vs. ARG: Who will take the trophy?

Time for a World Cup Final GIVEAWAY: If Germany win 3:0, you may look forward to a great prize!

Thrilling matches, dancing Colombian players, numerous emotional moments and many, uncountable goals (this World Cup is one of the highest-scoring in World Cup History)… all of these aspects have made the FIFA World Cup of 2014 one of the biggest sports events in history.