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May 28, 2015 by

Hello from China – (part 2!)

While I was in China and when I got a couple of minutes, I spent a little time working on a new product idea I have been thinking about. Its really amazing how quickly an idea can be developed when working in Shenzhen. As with all product ideas they need to be fleshed out with some sketching and for this I use my trusty Maglus with Graphite Tip and Notebook.

Sketching with graphite tip

In the case of this particular project it has already been established what the product will do, in this
picture a map has been made to show how it will work. Once I got this work done I could hit the markets and find some components for the electronic components.

February 17, 2015 by

Maglus Brush Tip Review by Paul Kercal

We’ve a guest blogger this week: say hi to talented tablet artist and teacher Paul Kercal.

Exciting things are happening in our little Maglus world. We are launching a new tip soon – a Brush Tip for all the Picasso enthusiasts out there.

We wanted to give you – the Maglus users, an insight into how the new tip works. What better way than to ask an artist to test it out! So we teamed up with Paul and offered him a sneak peak at the new product. He was happy to do so and give his feedback, which he turned into a blog post.

We think the Brush Tip is a great addition to the Maglus family – but we’re biased of course!
Have a read and see what our reviewer thinks

Maglus Notebook and Graphite Tip
November 21, 2014 by

Introducing the new MAGLUS NOTEBOOK and GRAPHITE TIP

We all love our digital devices, and using the Maglus stylus to interact with them. But, sometimes, one needs an analogue escape from the digital world – to put pencil to paper.

We yearned for the heft and hold of the Maglus stylus when sketching, so created a graphite alloy tip to turn the Maglus stylus into the perfect hard pencil – one that never needs sharpening. But we still needed the creative space to hold our words, thoughts and sketches, so we developed the perfect accompaniment – the Maglus Notebook.

We’ve a special offer limited time offer – get the Maglus Notebook with graphite tip and get a free Maglus Stylus. Just add the Notebook with Graphite Tip and any Maglus stylus of your choice to the cart – when checking out use offer code MNBK.
It makes the perfect gift – for yourself or someone else!

Maglus Mini Champagne Pink
October 2, 2014 by

Introducing… the new Maglus Mini Champagne Pink!

The Maglus Mini Champagne Pink stylus is the latest addition to the Maglus family. Made with the same high-quality materials as the original Maglus, and designed to the same high standard, the fabulous pink finish is achieved with a process called anodizing. It has an interchangeable tip and is compatible with all past and future Maglus products.
The stylus body is 15% smaller than the original Maglus, making it perfect for smaller hands, and smaller devices!
Get it right now for the introductory price of 20% off! PLUS free shipping on EVERYTHING on this weekend only!

Paddy Kavanagh, Pablo and the Maglus Mini Champagne Pink!

Paddy Kavanagh, Pablo and the Maglus Mini Champagne Pink!

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