Free graphite tip
November 28, 2014 by

Free graphite tip with any Maglus Stylus! PLUS free shipping worldwide!

Happy holidays!

Add any Maglus stylus and a graphite tip to your cart and enter
into the “Offer code” field at checkout to get your free graphite tip!

Right now, shipping is free too – so what are you waiting for!?

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Caroline knows the Maglus can help with all aspects of life - workflow, creativity, fun, and everyday tasks. She likes to talk to people, and figure out the problems we all have that the Maglus can solve. She likes retrogaming, music, making comedy shorts, cats, yoga, running - and thinks Dublin is the greatest city on Earth!

3 thoughts on “Free graphite tip with any Maglus Stylus! PLUS free shipping worldwide!

  1. halfey

    This is good news. The first thing I did when I heard this was placing an order, which I just did a few days ago. I’m from Malaysia and if I bought this from other websites I’d probably have to add another $15 for shipment alone. Everything I heard about Maglus is always positive that I almost could not forgive myself for not discovering this earlier after spending so much on competing products. Now I’m waiting for the tracking number and I hope I’ll receive it before Christmas.

  2. Ninni


    I have a Samsung S4 smartphone. I have a screen protector on it. Not one of the thinnest once. So now I’m wondering if the Magnus stylus will work through the screen protector? With any of the different tips that are available?
    Grateful for an answer.
    / Ninni

    1. Caroline Post author

      Hi Ninni – Yes, the Maglus will work fine on your Samsung S4 smartphone, through your screen protector, with either microfiber or original tip.

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