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June 6, 2014 by

Growing pains!

Hello – allow me to introduce myself as I will be frequenting this page every now and again. My name is Noel Joyce and I am one of the designers at Applydea. I wanted to weigh in with my role on what we are doing and perhaps give you guys an insight into the work that goes into the design and development of our products.

First a little about myself. I am a product designer which was my chosen career path after an accident seven years ago left me confined to a wheelchair and ended my career in the military. I went to study in the institute of technology in Carlow where I graduated with an Honours Degree in Product Design.
As I progressed through college The realization that it was difficult to get work as a product designer in Ireland began to become apparent and this led myself and a group of like minded designers to starting a collaborative called Designhub. Long story short Designhub has been a hotbed of activity that has allowed a number of designers develop some cool products and product ranges, one of which was the spinoff that is Applydea and the Maglus stylus which you mostly arrived at this website to have a look at.

Positive pressure, some of our first shipments going out!

Positive pressure, some of our first shipments going out!