Maglus Moonlight Blue
September 18, 2014 by

Introducing… the new Maglus Moonlight Blue!

The Maglus Moonlight Blue Edition stylus is the latest addition to the Maglus family. Made with the same high-quality materials as the original Maglus, and designed to the same high standard, the luxurious blue finish is achieved with a process called anodizing. It has an interchangeable tip and is compatible with all past and future Maglus products.

Fra Moonlight Blue

Fra Moonlight Blue

Modelled on the carpenter’s pencil, it can be used with any touch-screen smartphone, tablet, or phablet for notetaking, drawing, playing games, or any task where a finger just isn’t precise enough.
As phone and tablet screen real estate increases – the iPhone 6 is the biggest iPhone yet – the possibilities for improved work, play and creative tasks means a stylus is a must for getting the most out of the these next-gen devices.

Applydea prides itself on its close relationship with its loyal supporters, and in direct response to their needs has added several products to the Maglus range – including the Maglus Mini, and a microfiber tip. It has several more product in the works, including a notebook, a brush tip, and a pencil tip – all scheduled for release in 2014.

Price, specification and other details

  • RRP EUR €29.99, USD $35.99, GBP £27.99
  • Available to buy at and Amazon
  • Stylus body is made from super-strong, precision-machined aluminium
  • Interchangeable tip is made from conductive silicone
  • Tip is precise and accurate for pinpoint contact with screen
  • Can be used with any capacitive touch-screen tablet or phone – all iPhones (including the iPhone 6), iPads, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, Kindle Fire – and more.
  • Body is anodized in Moonlight Blue
  • Maglus is magnetic – easy to store and hard to lose!
  • Included in presentation box along with the stylus is an adhesive steel panel, a keyring capsule for spare tip storage PLUS one spare tip
  • Metric weight and dimensions: weighs 70g, size is 13 x 1.2 x 0.9 cm
  • Imperial weight and dimensions: weighs 2.5oz, size is 5.1 x 0.5 x 0.4 inches

Caroline knows the Maglus can help with all aspects of life - workflow, creativity, fun, and everyday tasks. She likes to talk to people, and figure out the problems we all have that the Maglus can solve. She likes retrogaming, music, making comedy shorts, cats, yoga, running - and thinks Dublin is the greatest city on Earth!