Chris Hadfield competition entries collage
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“Draw Chris Hadfield” competition entries!

We think our Maglus Stylus is a pretty cool product. We also think Chris Hadfield is a pretty cool guy.
To show our appreciation for the inspiring astronaut, we ran a competition in his honour, and asked our community to to send us pictures of Chris Hadfield, created using a Maglus Stylus.
We’re so proud to show the entries here!

We love to see images our users create for our competitions, and we’re proud to take a little bit of credit for the high-quality sketches, illustrations, drawings and much more that are possible with that little piece of metal we call Maglus!

We’d love to know what you think of the entries – on Twitter we’re @applydea, use #chrishadfieldmaglus to talk about the competition. You can also post on our Facebook, or leave a comment here on this blog post, of course.

And here’s Noel, Maglus Designer, when he got to meet Chris last month in Dublin and show him the Maglus – what a gent.

Chris and Noel, December 2014

Chris and Noel, December 2014

Paula studied Furniture Design at DIT in Dublin. She uses the Maglus for quick sketches and notes. She loves tea, coffee and yoga(but not at the same time).

2 thoughts on ““Draw Chris Hadfield” competition entries!

  1. Ian Wiseman

    Hi there

    Have you missed an entry? I posted one for my son, Alexander, using the #chrishadfieldmaglus hash tag on Facebook on December 30th. Done with a Maglus on Notability.

    1. Paula O'Connor Post author

      Hi Ian,

      I’ve mailed you there. Please let me know if you get it!


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