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How to create hand-drawn text on the iPad!

Drawing text by hand is hard, but it gives a really personal touch to any digital art piece. It can also be an easy way to personalise any photo digitally. I find the hardest thing is keeping consistent spacing between my letters, but I’ve found a great way to get around that.

Read on for my simple guide to making gorgeous hand-drawn text on the iPad easily, using a Maglus Stylus. And it’s nearly December, so why not be generous – I’ve included a voucher for a free Christmas gift from Maglus Stylus to you, the offer code is at the end of the post 🙂


  1. Open the Autodesk sketch app and use the text tool to type your text. (click below to see a small video tutorial)

2. Create a new layer and trace the text with the pen tool. (click below to see a small video tutorial)

3. Hide the original text layer. (click below to see the finished product)


Feel free to experiment with different fonts, colours, backgrounds and styles. 

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Have fun!!