June 3, 2014 by

Keep that screen clean!

It’s June! Summer is upon us – the temperatures are rising and it’s sunny and warm – finally!

Nobody loves the sun more than me, the only Italian in the office, but, as summer approaches, we all experience the same issue: sweaty hands – and this causes smudges and fingerprints on our tablet more often than the rest of the year.

Also – in our multitasking world – we often want to do as many different things as possible while working on our tablet at the same time, like eating (very bad habit, I know… I’m eating crisps at the moment), or checking a new recipe on our tablet while cooking a yummy meal. All this may leave dirt and grime on the screen.

Another, very prominent and annoying, example: moisturized hands – people with dry skin like me often apply moisturizing creams to their hands several times a day. Personally, when using my tablet, I always needed to wait for the cream to be absorbed, wipe it off or just go ahead anyway – which in turn leaves horrible grease marks on my tablet.

Talking to our customers every day made me realize that this is a very common issue – we all hate fingerprints and smudges on our shiny tablet. Many people told me that using a stylus really helps here. It kind of makes sense: a stylus doesn’t take sneeky peeks in the fridge and makes himself a little afternoon snack before getting back to business. I’ve never seen my stylus apply any skincare products to itself recently, either.

Well, all I can say is, we’re glad to hear that a Maglus can make your life easier!

What other items do you use to keep the screen of your phone or tablet nice and shiny? The old pull-your-sleeve-over-your-hand-and-wipe-the-screen always does the trick, but some swear by a microfibre cloth, or you can also use the cleaning liquid for your glasses (as Carla does) or even baby wipes (as Scott does), to avoid dust building up on the surface of your tablet or your Maglus. This way you’ll keep your screen always clean.

Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments below, or email me at francesca AT maglusstylus DOT com.

Francesca is originally from Italy and loves the creativity that the Maglus brings out in its users every day. Being Italian, she loves (only and exclusively) hot weather, mojitos by the beach and using lots of gestures when talking to people. She regularly practises yoga, so no worries about that typical Italian short fuse.