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Maglus stylus and Raynaud’s and Scleroderma

Raynaud’s and Scleroderma are conditions that affect the extremities. I hadn’t heard of either until a few weeks ago, but since I’ve been researching and talking to people about it, I’ve found that many people I know are affected – even some people close to me!

But what’s all this got to do with the Maglus Stylus? Well, the stylus helps those with reduced finger dexterity, which, unfortunately, is a common problem for suffers.

It all started when I gave the Original Maglus to my sister Anita – she has a HP tablet, and an iPhone, but had never thought about using a stylus before. Anita loved using it, and thought it very stylish, and she kindly brought it to her book club, to get the feedback from others.

Her friend Maria saw it and immediately thought it could help her – she suffers from Raynaud’s Phenomenon and as a result has ulcerated fingers. Tasks that most of us take for granted, such as typing on a keyboard or using a touchpad screen to send a text, are made much more difficult, and painful, for the Raynaud’s sufferer.
Maria tried the Maglus with her iPhone and found that it really helped her – she said “it literally could save my fingertips”. She put me in touch with Mary McDaid at Raynauds & Scleroderma Ireland who invited me to attend the 2014 Raynauds & Scleroderma Ireland Conference. I brought the Maglus with me, to show it and invite people to try it, and the feedback has been great.

We’re so happy that the stylus is bringing relief to the sufferers of these conditions. Please get in touch if you have an experience you’d like to share.

Caroline knows the Maglus can help with all aspects of life - workflow, creativity, fun, and everyday tasks. She likes to talk to people, and figure out the problems we all have that the Maglus can solve. She likes retrogaming, music, making comedy shorts, cats, yoga, running - and thinks Dublin is the greatest city on Earth!