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Maglus: The only tool you’ll need for school

It’s back-to-school time!

For many, this time of year means the onset of two unavoidable evils… eer, events: the end of the summer and the start of a new school year. Some of you may rejoice at the thought of stocking up on their favourite and oh-so-helpful-colourful-and-wonderful stationary, but wait!

Don’t you have a Maglus and a tablet?

We have gathered the Top 5 reasons why you should ditch your old refill pad and take your Maglus & tablet to school college (or work!) instead. Who knows – it might make going back a little more fun?

1. You will have less weight in your bag to carry
Thanks, Captain Obvious… but, seriously. Rather than carrying endless amounts of hand-written notes and ringbinders in your bag, do your back and shoulders a favour and switch to one compact mobile device and your favourite stylus. You’ll be suprised!

2. You will be more organised
Never have there been better note-taking apps than at this time. They are a great help to keep your notes in chronological and thematic order. Moreover, you will have all your notes to hand with a simple search: It will save you endless rooting through old textbooks until you have found that one important thing your teacher said in that class last year about [insert topic here].
Having all of your notes as digital documents, means having them searchable by date, subject or keyword – and always ready to hand.

3. Writing is better for your memory and cognitive understanding than typing.
(Nerd Alarm) “Present research suggests that even when laptops are used solely to take notes, they may still be impairing learning because their use results in shallower processing.”
This is due to the fact that, when typing, students tend to transcribe lectures verbatim rather than processing information and writing notes in their own words.
What does that tell us? Don’t ditch technology entirely – switch to a lighter, more compact tablet and still take your notes by hand with a Maglus. Easy!

4. No more fading ink/coffee stains/dog bites/cat paw marks on your notes
If you live in a slightly sunny country, like to drink caffeinated drinks while studying or have a pet, then you’ll know what I mean. In those crucial moments that you need to go through your old notes, there is always something that will keep you from finding that little bit of info from 2 years back – be it because you marked it with a big green marker that has caused the ink to fade even more, creases on your page, or your dog making your old school books his late night snack.
You will definitely not have this problem with digital notes!

5. You will look cool
What more is there to say? Everybody looks cool with a fancy tablet and chic stylus when they rock up to double Biology.

Do you already use your Maglus + tablet in class or for work? Let me know in the comments below!

Carla is originally from Germany, so she definitely sees the practical aspects of the Maglus. She also really enjoys discovering the awesome things some people can do with it. Huge fan of languages, music and ardent observer of cats in and around Dublin (for lack of her own).

7 thoughts on “Maglus: The only tool you’ll need for school

  1. Sandra

    I have a Magnus stylus. The nib seems to wide for writing and does not seem sensitive enough for the flow of letters. It is great for art projects though. Are there alternative nips or is there only one standard size?

    1. Carla Post author

      Hi Sandra, we currently have two types of tips: the standard silicone and the smoother microfibre tip. Why don’t you try the microfibre, see how it works for you?

  2. Stephanie

    I love the feel of the Maglus stylus! I use it to create fonts and take notes with my students. My you students are able to use my iPad with stylus and hit their mark every time. There are no sticky fingerprints either. They are more successful with this tool than their finger, go figure. We also write beautifully with the stylus since ey are slow to type words. The words are very readable. Thanks

  3. Susan

    I use it for uni with notability and the maglus’ weight feels better than writing with real pen and paper, neater too! And it works really well with Sketchbook for drawing diagrams. With apps that sync with my laptop I can access my notes anywhere but don’t have to carry it around all day which is super handy.

  4. John Krause

    The Maglus needs a clip of some sort.I just lost mine because I could not attach it in my shirt pocket.The magnetic feature is good but not good enough.It occasionally falls off my iPad. john

    1. Carla Post author

      Hi John, I’m very sorry to hear you lost your Maglus. The designers actually decided against a clip to simplify the design of the Maglus. It is primarily designed to stick to the sides of your iPad with its magnets.

  5. Alexander

    As an engineering students my notes often consist of formulae and little sketches, making it impossible to take notes on my laptop. The Maglus makes it possible to directly make annotations on my pdf datasheets and courses making rereading afterwards much easier.
    I’m wondering if the microfiber tip will allow me to write a bit smaller because now I have to use apps like zoom notes to avoid writing to big.

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