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Tolerance of Tips

Hi everyone, Noel here.

Just checking in to say a little about using the replaceable tips. We have developed the different tips to give you different experiences while using your Maglus. The one thing that is common with all the tips with the exception of the graphite tip is they all use the same method of connecting to the main Maglus body.


When developing the removable tip system we wanted to make sure that the tips had a way of being removed and replaced with the minimum of work. We looked at a number of ways of doing this including screw threads, magnets as well as other methods but settled on a tolerance fit.

We had tried and tested all the other methods and through a process of elimination arrived at the tolerance fit as the best solution. That doesn’t say it didn’t pose its own problems. In fact the tolerance was so fine on the first prototypes they would actually begin to push back out against the air that got trapped behind them when they were inserted!

This is why we had to drill a tiny little hole into the side of each and every tip(squint and you should be able to spot it!)


This tiny change makes sure that the tip stays firmly seated when you push them in. We recommend that when you remove or replace the tip to make sure you always grip it at the chrome ring and pull and twist to remove and gently push it back in to replace.

Please see the video to explain.

Hope that gives you an insight into our product detailing and the work that goes in behind the scenes.
These tips should make sure that using Maglus is an easy and enjoyable experience for you.

As always, we love to hear your comments and feedback, so feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time, bye bye.

Noel Joyce is one of the designers behind the Maglus Stylus - "The practice of design for me must be user focused and make commercial sense from the beginning of the project through to the finish."