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Maglus Accessories – A Key feature!

Noel is taking the reigns once again this week. This time, he’s explaining some nice features about the detail and thought behind the Maglus. We think it gives a great insight into a product when you get to hear about it’s process directly from the designer. So read on, let us know your thoughts… and enjoy! – Paula

Hi all, Noel here again, I’m going to keep this post short.

I felt it was worth briefly covering this topic as it’s something people have mentioned. Writing about it seems the obvious way to explain it! As a designer, its nice to be able to point out the little details that I make sure are included in the design of a product. Features can be overlooked and often the customer doesn’t realise the tiny things that are considered in every step of a product’s development!

So that being said, heres a blog post about the keyring…. and its reason for existence!

One of the things we did when developing Maglus was to try to make sure your Maglus is usable at all times. One of my biggest bugbears is when I buy a product that has spare parts and I end up losing the spare parts. I then have to go and buy whatever it is that I have lost. Pretty annoying!!!

To ensure Maglus was usable at all times we designed the removable tip system. This meant including a spare tip with the Maglus when shipping so that you our customers would never be without the use of your Maglus.


It was important that the spare parts that came with Maglus e.g the spare tips did not end up in the back of a drawer or in the bottom of a cup somewhere(yes, we all know it happens!)
We looked at a number of ways to do this and ended up settling on a neat little keyring that the spare tip could be carried around in right there on your set of keys.

This makes sure that you never are without the use of your Maglus! And if you do have somewhere else to carry your spare tip you can put your keyring to another use. Check out this other product that is pretty much the same as the one we give you with Maglus!


Talk later,

Noel Joyce is one of the designers behind the Maglus Stylus - "The practice of design for me must be user focused and make commercial sense from the beginning of the project through to the finish."