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Using Maglus with Zen Brush App

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Noel has put together another great blog post for us. He is preparing for a work trip to San Francisco, but he managed to squeeze out a post before he jets off! This time, he covers an app that you might not have heard of. But believe us, its worth checking out! Read what Noel has to say below. And as always, comment, tweet or get in touch whatever way suits. We love hearing your feedback….

Noel here again,

One of the cooler drawing apps I have used is called Zen Brush. It’s not one of the more popular apps but it is pretty unique. It has very little in the way of tools and so it is pretty easy to get to grips with. So for all you techno-phobes, this should be perfect!

When I first seen the app I was a little underwhelmed but then when I realised that it is supposed to be representative of using an ink brush it was clearer why it was so simple.

Check out the video I made using Maglus with Zen Brush below.

The cool thing about Zen Brush is that somehow by magic it is capable of pressure sensitive feedback without the aid of digital connection to a stylus. It changes the thickness of lines only by pressure which means a regular analog stylus works perfectly on the app. Using it with various tips on Maglus gives some interesting results. I used both Maglus and my fingers in the video to get different types of input on the app which was pretty cool.

I think the final image I created has a nice, loose feel to it. Some people don’t believe that sketches
created with a Stylus have the same appeal as pencil drawings. This sketch has lots of movement
similar to the effect you would achieve from using a pencil on paper.


Zen Brush is available here on the app store.

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Noel Joyce is one of the designers behind the Maglus Stylus - "The practice of design for me must be user focused and make commercial sense from the beginning of the project through to the finish."