May 30, 2014 by

A mini series to watch out for

Listening to our valued user community we realized that there was a desire for a smaller form factor of our product – so we developed a Maglus to match smaller tablets like the iPad Mini, or Kindle Fire. It’s the perfect size for kids too.

The Maglus Mini is 15% smaller than the original Maglus but uses the same removable tip system as its bigger sibling – rest assured there’s full compatibility with both the current range of tips and the tips we have planned for the future!

With the design – we feel we got it right first time, so the Mini doesn’t deviate a great deal aesthetically from the original. However, there were challenges we needed to overcome to maintain the weighty feel that made the original Maglus as effective as it is. We feel we met these challenges, and we hope you agree!

Also included with all Maglus stylii is an adhesive steel panel so you can store it in even more places.

The Maglus Mini is a direct response to our customers needs, and we will always endeavor to meet these needs.

We look forward to bringing our user community new products in the future that will further enable and enhance their tablet experiences.

Please do contact us with any feedback you have – we love to hear from you.




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