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Be a friend with Maglus Rewards

We have all been there: a friend, a relative or collegue asks you which stylus you’d recommend for their new, shiny tablet and you absolutely cannot decide, smitten and spoilt for choice.

We thought we’d make this decision a little easier on all of us. Because somebody who has gained first-hand experience with the Maglus and us, the Maglus Stylus crew, is the best person to ask! So we set up MAGLUS REWARDS – a scheme to say thank you to you, and to your friends and family, too.

Basically, it goes like this:

Each of our dear customers receives a unique link she/he can then send to their friends. Using said link and making a purchase on our site will guarantee said friends a discount of 10%. But it doesn’t stop here: we credit the “referrer” the same amount in the form of a commission – straight to their PayPal account, or charity of their choice.

(You can ALSO be your own friend: you can use your code to order too – getting the discount AND the commission.)

This way you’ll recommend a great product to a friend and earn something just sitting comfortably at your laptop.

To log into your Maglus Rewards account just click here – under the “How to?” section you will find your unique link to share.

But wait, Maglus crew! What if I have had a Maglus for a long time now and had joined their “Referral Candy” Program! Is my unique link lost? Do I have to place a new order?

Nope! If you ordered from us in or before December 2013 and already signed up for the Referral Candy Program, you can email us and we’ll be happy to send you a fresh new link. No need to place new orders.

For more info about the Program, just contact us at help AT maglusstylus DOT com.

Francesca is originally from Italy and loves the creativity that the Maglus brings out in its users every day. Being Italian, she loves (only and exclusively) hot weather, mojitos by the beach and using lots of gestures when talking to people. She regularly practises yoga, so no worries about that typical Italian short fuse.