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Force Touch – the Next Generation Interface.

Hi guys, Paula here..
Once again, I’m leaving you in the capable hands of Noel Joyce. This week, he is talking about new and exciting tech developments. Noel lives and breathes design and technology! So he is the ideal person to tell you more about the future of products coming our way in the not so distant future. Lucky for us, these developments will work perfectly with the Maglus product range! We’re looking forward to interacting and embracing the next generation of design. Now over to Noel to explain some more…

For a few months now we have been hearing all the rumours about the next generation of iPad and iPhones. It’s been pretty interesting as with the advent of the new Apple Watch, Apple have introduced several new technologies that while they are not as apparent right now will probably change how we interact with (in particular Apple) devices.


One new piece of tech that I find really awesome is Force Touch. It is currently on Apple watch, the new MacBook and also on new MacBook Pro. A great article by Samuel Gibbs of The Guardian explains how it works. You can read it here

I recently got to try the Trackpad variant whilst stopping over in Heathrow on my way back from a trip. It is pretty awesome how well it works as you would absolutely believe the trackpad is moving when you press to click. The fact that it is not and that the trackpad is detecting the force and producing vibratory feedback that is so close to a click is a neat trick. This new way of using trackpads will spawn new ways to interact with Apple computers in future, in fact a couple of apps are already utilising this feature.

What I find interesting is that this new tech will allow us to use Maglus in pretty much the same way as digital styluses currently work now as the pressure sensitivity is built into the computer, tablet or phone rather than the stylus.

Interesting times ahead!!

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Noel Joyce is one of the designers behind the Maglus Stylus - "The practice of design for me must be user focused and make commercial sense from the beginning of the project through to the finish."