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Giveaway: 3 signs it’s definitely Summer

——– This competition is now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who entered! ———-
Summer is upon us! It is definitely the best season by far – hot weather, ice cream vans, swimming pools… Although the Irish summer never lasts for longer than a week, I still find it highly enjoyable.

Here are 3 signs it’s definitely summer:

1) The days are getting longer

Definitely a HUGE plus. Gone are the early evenings of a setting sun at 5 pm. Now we have sun light well until 10, 11 pm in the evening! I can not only save on electricity, I also have a perfect excuse to watch Orange is the New Black well into the night: if it’s not dark, it’s not time for bed.

2) A generally more positive mood

The other day I went to the pub, the bar tender actually said hello and smiled! This is a highly unusual sight in winter time. The brighter days and warmer weather seems to just lift everybody’s mood so easily. Makes me wonder if more lamps in my house in winter could have the same effect. Hhhm…

3) My cats are getting even lazier

This year especially. I feel they haven’t lost all of their winter fur yet, so it could be that they are sweating their paws off and can’t move for this reason, but I feel that’s only half the truth. Really, they’re just using the hot weather as an excuse to make me do even more stuff for them. Oh, you don’t drink your water unless I bring it right to your favourite lounging spot? Ok, then…

I feel their laziness is having its effects on me too. Because I’m so lazy, I have made it VERY easy for you to enter this weekend’s competition! I have 1 Maglus Stylus to give away to one lucky winner. Everyone else who enters gets a pair of microfibre tips.

To enter, just comment under this blog post with the words “Maglus Summer ’14” or re-tweet the tweet I have pasted below!

Good luck to everyone who enters, and I hope you get to enjoy the good weather!

Carla is originally from Germany, so she definitely sees the practical aspects of the Maglus. She also really enjoys discovering the awesome things some people can do with it. Huge fan of languages, music and ardent observer of cats in and around Dublin (for lack of her own).

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  1. Laurent Lim

    Maglus Summer ’14

    Nice for Maglus!

    I see summer full year round, if Maglus like it, Maglus should visit my country.

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