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It’s Garfield’s birthday! Let’s do a competition!

—— This competition is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered! ——
“Garfield was born June 19, 1978, in the kitchen of Mamma Leoni’s Italian Restaurant weighing 5 lbs and 6 ounces at birth and loved Lasagna the day he was born. Ever since then, it has always been his favorite food.”

This is how the story begins of one of the most famous comic cats in the world – Garfield! And today, June 19, is his birthday.

Garfield has featured in countless comic series and even had his own movies: “Garfield the Movie” and “Garfield 2: A Tail of Two Kitties”. Let’s admit it – we’re all like Garfield sometimes. Right now, there is a big heat wave in Ireland and all we want to do is to lie in the sun and think of nothing but relaxing and lovely food – the two best things in the world!

But how about we do a competition instead: We want you to send us a drawing of Garfield. It can be Garfield in any situation: sleeping, relaxing or eating his favourite food, lasagna. Be creative! How about a Garfield drinking Champagne, to celebrate his birthday?

Each entry will receive a microfibre cleaning cloth for their iPad, and I will pick one winner at random who will also get a pair of microfibre tips for their Maglus!

This is what the microfibre cloths look like. Stock is very limited, so get one before it’s too late:

The lovely (and very handy!) Applydea Microfibre cloths

The lovely (and very handy!) Applydea Microfibre cloths

Send the pictures to carla [at] maglusstylus [dot] com or share them on our Facebook Page!

And here, to finish off nicely, a little gif of Garfield. I couldn’t resist.

Carla is originally from Germany, so she definitely sees the practical aspects of the Maglus. She also really enjoys discovering the awesome things some people can do with it. Huge fan of languages, music and ardent observer of cats in and around Dublin (for lack of her own).