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September…Our guilty pleasure.

You’ve probably guessed that we think September rocks! We are of course big fans of Summer and love nothing more than taking a well deserved holiday. But really, everyone knows September is where it’s at… So we’re giving you full permission to embrace our guilty pleasure.

Here’s a round-up of the top reasons why we love this month. Do you agree or have anything to add? Let us know and we’ll give a FREE Maglus to the best comment!

1.Take advantage of that Back-to-School Mindset!   

September is the perfect month for setting yourself new goals and starting afresh. Don’t waste that get-prepared mindset of this back-to-school time of year! Shorter evenings mean more time to spend indoors to work on new projects. And all that ‘September studious’ buzz is giving us so many ideas. Plus it’s the perfect excuse to finally use all that stationery you’ve been swooning over!

2. Dressing for Autumn

Just to be clear, we’d take sunshine over rain any day. But there is something great about getting the opportunity to wear that new jumper you’ve bought. Shopping for a new wardrobe and stocking up on cute winter woolies may just become our favourite hobby. And if you’re feeling productive, you could always take up knitting and kit yourself out!

3. The return of Good TV

Finally…this time of year sees the return of our favourite shows. Spend hours binging on tv box sets without feeling the slightest bit guilty. Sure why not, it’s cold and dark outside!

4. Instagram Envy

Has your social media been inundated with ice-cream cones and golden beaches these last few months? Now’s your time to be one step ahead of the crowd and get snapping some cool autumnal scenes. Armed with your trusty iPad and Maglus, go forth and get instagramming! Capture the change in season with rustic leaves and walks in the woods. Everyone will be fall-ing over themselves to follow you.

5. Tea-rrific!

You may have heard the legend that most Irish people are fond of a beverage…a hot one that is! We really do embrace the ritual of having a ‘cuppa’. When the weather turns that little bit colder, we’re in agreement that there’s no better way to warm up. We’ve spent this Summer splurging on ice-cold juices and caramel frappes. So we’ll certainly be welcoming the return of endless cups of tea:)

Get in touch and tell us what YOU like most about September. Comment below for a chance to bag yourself a FREE Maglus Stylus!

Paula studied Furniture Design at DIT in Dublin. She uses the Maglus for quick sketches and notes. She loves tea, coffee and yoga(but not at the same time).

8 thoughts on “September…Our guilty pleasure.

  1. Tiffany

    I am from Georfia in the southeast United Srates. I love fall because of the amella. Down here he weather is cool and crisp and people begin to burn leaves. It is a smell that always reminds me of childhood and being outdoors jumping in piles of leaves while the grown ups tried to rake them to burn them.

    It’s not just burning leaves though. It’s also the smell of cinnamon as people begin baking and stores set out the displays of cinnamon brooms and fall decorations as we are approach Halloween and thanksgiving. Fall is truly a treat for all senses!

  2. Huang

    It is a very good pen using iPad. I’m preparing for my post graduate exam, maglus helps me a lot because i have to do work on iPad since the courses cost too much papers. Maglus is the best stylus for iPad

  3. Josh

    September means fall beers! Oktoberfest beers! Pumpkin beers! Bourbon barrel stouts! Goes great with hikes in Saturdays and football on Sundays. Cheers!

  4. Darren

    Is it too late to win the free Maglus? I could really use one with the start of the new school year – and it is still September after all!

    In any case, I love September because it marks the transition between the carefreeness of summer and the productive push of fall before the end of the year. September is a time to reflect on new friendships made in the summer, as well a time to look forward to being with family during the holidays. September still has the lingering light of the summer sun but combines it with the vibrant autumnal foliage – it is really a sight to see and experience outdoors, especially here in the Northeastern part of the US.

    In short, September is a wonderful inflection point that reminds you of the never-ending progression of personal development, relationships, and the world around you. Cheers!

    1. Paula Post author

      Hi Darren, thanks for your great comment! I’m afraid we already picked a winner for this one but check out our latest blog post. We have a new competition! Good Luck 🙂

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