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Shakefest – Tagtool Projection on Charleville Castle!

Our last post touched on Shakefest and the involvement of creative duoBenjamin Rabe and Fabric Lenny AKA Bunny & the Beardman. Specialising in engaging installations, the Maglus maestros seemed the perfect candidates to put on an exciting show!

So the Maglus team took the guys on a roadtrip to Tullamore, Co.Offally to celebrate this festival of World Cultures, Art and Dance!

Charleville Castle provided the backdrop for the Tagtool Projections created during the children’s workshop the previous evening.

There was a definite buzz in the air as the crowds gathered that night at the castle to engage with the live art interaction.

Benjamin and Lenny certainly delivered in providing a spectacular close to the festival.

Below are a selection of behind the scenes photos and footage captured on the evening.
PLUS a fabulous video, edited by Lenny.

Until our next collaboration…Enjoy.






A special THANKS to everyone involved in creating this magical event.

Benjamin Rabe
Fabric Lenny
Bunny & the Beardman
Charleville Castle

Paula studied Furniture Design at DIT in Dublin. She uses the Maglus for quick sketches and notes. She loves tea, coffee and yoga(but not at the same time).

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