June 2, 2014 by

Everyone can Draw

This weeks Childrens app; How to Draw is a really cool app for anyone big or small-who wants to learn how to draw.


Using the this app with the Maglus Stylus,  it will  help you learn the basics and more.



It is easy to use, you simply follow the step by step instructions for each of the drawings.


The app is Free in the Google Play store and with 5 million downloads, what more do we have to say-except when you make millions from selling your master-piece remember us at Maglusstylus.com

May 27, 2014 by

Be a friend with Maglus Rewards

We have all been there: a friend, a relative or collegue asks you which stylus you’d recommend for their new, shiny tablet and you absolutely cannot decide, smitten and spoilt for choice.

We thought we’d make this decision a little easier on all of us. Because somebody who has gained first-hand experience with the Maglus and us, the Maglus Stylus crew, is the best person to ask! So we set up MAGLUS REWARDS – a scheme to say thank you to you, and to your friends and family, too.